Well, yes, but…

The European Union shall advance the promotion of equality between women and men through its initiatives, actions, policies, and activities. According to Article 8 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, “in all its actions, the Union shall strive to remove inequities and advance equality between men and women.”

In 2019, the average employment rate for women aged 20-64 was 67.7%, compared to 79% for males, and women’s gross hourly earnings were 14.1% below those of men on average in the EU, with Germany (18.3%) and Austria (18.9%) at the top of this unfortunate statistic (Eurostat, 2021).

In this regard, the number of women in corporate leadership is low: in April 2019, just 23.3% of board members in the top publicly listed businesses were female.

Our Objectives

Our project’s central objective is to provide women with the social skills necessary to develop in a more autonomous and empowered manner in the workplace, hence increasing their chances of breaking the glass ceiling and scaling the corporate ladder. The objective is to lessen the vast disparity between the number of women and men in positions of power by so adding a feminine touch to business management and, ultimately, improving the employment status of women in the EU.